Johanna Lloyd Prop Making

Prop Maker for theatre, film, and industry, based near Cardiff in South Wales, with over ten years of prop making experience.

Copyright 2016: Johanna Lloyd Prop Making

"Thanks for the excellent wormhole you made for my live show 'Entanglement' - it's amazing!" - Charlotte Church, Singer


"You're the best prop maker I've worked with." - Steve Denton, Theatre Designer


"With a few ideas, you took a seed and grew a concept into wonderful works of art.  A true artisan, your dedication and skill allowed an idea to be reality." - Justin Nardella, Theatre Designer


"Joh Lloyd has been making and repairing props for Celtic Prop Hire since 2005 and she is the first person we call when we need a prop maker. Her work is consistently excellent and we very often recommend her services to our customers. Joh has most recently made us a 6’ tall Easter Island head and a massive chandelier and they are both fabulous ! Thanks Joh !" - Siân Bundy, Celtic Prop Hire


"Joh has been my go to person for props and scenic construction since I started working. Not only does she have all the right handy skills to make whatever weird things a project requires, she is excellent when something goes wrong (as it inevitably always does) at solving problems under pressure. Joh is a real grafter but always knows when it is best to stand back and take stock with a cup of tea to make a sensible action plan. She has a great work ethic and tackles every project with care and a sense of humour which makes her a great right hand woman for any designer!" - Zoë Hewett, Interior Designer


"When it comes to accurately realising your design, Joh is the best." - Mathew Thomas, Sherman Theatre Head of Workshop


"The set looks phenomenal thanks to all of your hard work carving and sculpting." - Rebecca Wood, Theatre Designer