Johanna Lloyd Prop Making

Prop Maker for theatre, film, and industry, based near Cardiff in South Wales, with over ten years of prop making experience.

Copyright 2016: Johanna Lloyd Prop Making


Large, fake fireplace, created for Fortnum and Mason's Christmas, children's reading room.

Giant book and stand.  I built the skeleton and workings, but designer, Angharad Matthews completed the rendering and finishing.

Shelves constructed to a design by Visual Designer, Luke Burgess, for Fortnum and Mason.

Box for a nautically themed wedding.

Fake Post Box for a wedding.

Various Welsh Lovespoons, made from a variety woods, for a variety of different occasions, to my own designs.


The Lovespoon is a Welsh tradition dating back about four hundred years.  They make an excellent wedding or birthday gift.

Bow, arrows, and a quiver, made for a production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, designed by takis.

Giant cube for an advertisment.  Production photo courtesy of concept artist, Tina Pasotra.

A gypsy caravan flat, and an oversized half a scissor for a production of 'The Borrowers', designed by Hayley Grindle.  The caravan was later painted by Charlotte Neville.